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Workshop A Biological Brain In a Cultural Classroom
Primary Affiliate SDA
Default Contact Lisa Smith
Default Location ESU 10
Description Dr. Robert Sylwester, Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Oregon who focuses on the educational implications of new developments in science and technology is the facilitator for this training and has identified some key components for the day: Dramatic developments in the cognitive neurosciences are providing us with an unprecedented understanding of the modular organization and extended development of our social brain. This non-technical interactive workshop will describe these new perspectives, and discuss their curricular, instructional, classroom management, and staff development implications. Three major educationally significant questions dominate: (1) Why do animals have a brain when plants do well without one? (2) How is our brain organized to efficiently carry out its functions?, and (3) Why does it take the human brain 20 years to mature, and why do we have such a longer adolescence than primates who live almost as long as we do?

Prerequisites None
Audience All
Materials Required N/A