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Workshop BlendEd Advisory Group meeting
Primary Affiliate ESU CC
Default Contact Deb Hericks
Default Location Polycom
Description Linda Dickeson set up the meeting for November 19 to be open from 9:45 AM - 12:00 PM. 

Dial-in instructions: 
If anyone would like to be dialed in, they need to send Linda (atldickes@lps.org ) their IP. 

If anyone would like to dial in with a laptop or mobile device, have them contact Linda at ldickes@lps.org and I'll send them directions for Scopia Desktop or Scopia Mobile. 

It might be a good idea if those who are in close geographical location to go to the same site. Connecting maybe 12 would be max. Even that gets a little crazy. :-) 

Audience BlendEd Advisory