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PDO Publication

All ESUPDO Email Lists

This publication is designed as a quick reference to easily get the complete list of PDO lists. Click on the link to begin a message to the list. To send to multiple lists, please copy and paste the email addresses into a new mail message. SDA - esusda@lists.k12.ne.us NOC - noc@lists.k12.ne.us TAG - tag@lists.k12.ne.us ESPD - sped@lists.k12.ne.us IMAT - instr-materials@lists.k12.ne.us ESUAA - esuaa@lists.k12.ne.us ESUPDO - esupdo@lists.k12.ne.us Coordinating Council - esupdo-coord@lists.k12.ne.us The complete list of all state-wide lists is at this web address. http://lists.k12.ne.us/mailman/listinfo